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These terms are used in Tionsphere, The Uprisers and Demiurge.

abeyance: supposed place for separated sikatā-ātamā that are not cached in the Pallium
adherents: Pazel’s staff
aðili: person (Icelandic), also alþýða, einstaklingur, persónan
: descendents (Icelandic)
Afzal Eight-Heta-Heta-Pha: K7 prosumer plant manager (Arabic: عادل)
Ahmad Phi-Nn-Nu-Nje: K4 stochastís (Arabic: أحمد)
Akash Dv-Tse-Wynn-Phar: K3 experience artist (Hindi: आकाश)
Aikaterine J-Omega-Oo-Beta: K3 stochastís (Greek: Αικατερινη), refer to Kathy
airdoors: sets of consecutive doors designed to separate areas of differing air pressure
: person (Icelandic), also aðili, einstaklingur, persónan
: Arabic coffee (Arabic: قهوة‎)
alternate: stand-alone processor, separate from the Pallium
annals: oral records maintained by chaunters
Annapurna: area of Bodem in K1 (formerly a massif in the Himalayas, Nepal)
apashabd: shit (Hindi: अपशब्द)
archivist: administrator responsible for data within Bagāla
Aryan Be-Zeta-Kappa-Delta: K1 media personality (Sanskrit: आर्य)
Ashraqat: K0 unjoined (Arabic: أشراقات)
assize: behaviour regulation worker
Atanas Five-Damaru-Ghha-Va: K7 splicer (Macedonian: Атанас)
atītē: in the past (Bangla: অতীতে)
Audrey One-N-Tshe-Tsha: K4 data engineer
awamori: rice liquor (Japanese: 泡盛)
Bagāla: the Bengal fan region below the K9 substrate (‘Bengal’, Punjabi: ਬੰਗਾਲ)
Bailey Xi-Omega-So-Tje: K6 grass worker
balaa: yeah, yes (Arabic: بلى)
balach mòr: big boy (Scottish Gaelic)
Bāo Tlo-Tsa-Gamma-Rho: K4 trafficker (Chinese: )
baŗhiyā: good or great (Hindi: बढ़िया)
barnið: baby (Icelandic)
: in the present (Bangla: বর্তমানে)
: bastard (Spanish)
Beatriz Dha-Fa-Sharp-Tau: K1 housekeeper
Beurs, the: stock exchange (Dutch)
bhabişyatē: in the future (Bangla: ভবিষ্যতে)
bias tariff: standard charge for prejudiced behaviour
bila shaka
: without doubt (Swahili)
bioapp: software to influence the way a māsadā-sarīra behaves
Bodem: the interface between old Earth and Tion (‘bottom’, Dutch)
bogdo: passageway used to move between levels without detection (Korean: 복도)
börnin: children or babies (Icelandic)
Budi Phar-Tet-Che-Thorn: K5 oneironaut
buffy-headed marmoset: small primate
cache: licensed euthanasia with online representation of sikatā-ātamā
cacherie: euthanasia store
cachier: euthanasia worker
caching voucher: authority to cache an individual by TUID
caching warrant: license granted to a cachier, required to trade
Caitlyn Dzhe-Ta-Tse-Tsha: K5 elucidarian
Caleb Qua-Phi-Heta-Ban: K9 assize (Hebrew: כֶּלֶב)
Carl Shcha-Yat-Q-Eight: K0 engineer
carbon-wright: carbon dioxide artisan, able to fashion items from the air
chaunter: performer of the annals, often sung
chāy: man (Thai: ชาย)
chekidzhiya: wanker (Bulgarian: чекиджия)
clearfibre: plastic alternative, manufactured from grass farm waste
coextension: modification of a person’s sikatā-ātamā
: balls (Spanish)
compeller: sikatā-ātamā adjustment software
Connor Va-Six-J-Jhan: K8 regenerator
coño: shit (Spanish)
cony: pussy (Catalan)
Cristóbal Hie-Ngo-Sharp-Damaru: K4 trafficker
cybercyte: non-biological cell, refer to raja‘a
Danesh Ne-Baluda-Va-Wa: K4 stochastís (from ‘Dinesh’, Hindi: दिनेश)
dankie: thank you (Afrikaans) 
data miner: automated process to locate information
datrix: embedded technology used to exchange data with nerve tissue
Dawn Zhe-Mo-Ne-Psi: K3 cultivator
default caching: euthanasia of a customer who has a zero stater balance
Definitive Sitting, the: sitting responsible for all assize sittings
demarcator: inter-level assize, border agent
Dens, the: communal sleeping areas
Depths, the: levels Five through Nine
desequencer: device to reduce items to elemental components
designation: task assigned to a konservator by the forfeður
disseveration: the division of a community into two
disunion: separation of the population from the Pallium
DoA: degree of arc
dòufu: tofu (bean curd, Chinese: 豆腐)
Doha R-Ta-Gim-Ta: K4 nonworker
Doină Ngo-Gimel-Tet-Rha: K9 chaunter
drengar: boy (Icelandic), also tánin-maður
duotenancy: two-person multitenancy
e: electronic (prefix) 
early-nonage: first half of childhood
edition: aspects of an individual’s sikatā-ātamā combined with another individual, not necessarily the entire persona, refer to imprint, mediary
Efstathios Resh-Bo-Psi-Delta: K3 actuary (Greek: Ευσταθιος), refer to Stathis
einstaklingur: person (Icelandic), also aðili, alþýða, persónan
Ekatommýrio, the: unjoined population from Kathy’s gestorium (‘million’, Greek: εκατομμύριο)
eldri-fólkið: older people (‘senior people’, Icelandic)
eldri-kona: older woman (pl. eldri-konurnar, ‘senior woman’, Icelandic)
eldri-maður: older man (pl. eldri-mennirnir, ‘senior man’, Icelandic)
Eleven-Two: habitat in the Threes
elucidarium: group of workers who can be purchased to complete tasks (pl. elucidaria)
ēma: eh (Gujarati: એમ)
emalter: embedded personal processor
Emma Upsilon-So-Tah-Baluda: K3 charm therapist
empyrealode: K0 solar collection bands
: non-existent people (‘no one’, Icelandic)
engin-kona: non-existent woman (‘no one’, Icelandic)
engin-maður: non-existent man (‘no one’, Icelandic)
engin-persónan: non-existent person (‘no one’, Icelandic)
entendéis (entiendes): you understand (Spanish)
Enzo Gim-Six-Be-Upsilon: K6 grass worker
epitome: quantum representation of a persona managed by the Pallium
Erica Ini-Rayanna-Di-Ban: K8 regenerator
estupideces: crap (Spanish)
Étienne Ya-Mo-Cil-Rr: K6 driver
Fall, the: a sudden twenty per cent reduction in Pallial services, refer to Pallial Decline
Feliu Tse-Koppa-U-Ka: K4 porter
Flemming Feh-Upsilon-Dza-Fa: K1 independent worker
FMP: Feynman Milburn Pallium, refer to Pallium
foda-se: fuck (Portuguese)
fólkið: people (Icelandic), also lýðirnir, sálirnar, þjóðirnar
: population (Icelandic)
Fonseca’s Clash: a Portuguese bar in the Sevens
Foretokening, the: a sikatā-ātamā applet
forfeður: forefathers, creators of Tion, demiurges (sing. forfaðir, ‘ancestor’, Icelandic)
Forming, the: the building of Tion
forsaken: a person who has never been connected to the Pallium
fount: water sequencer
foutaise: crap (French)
framer: cameraman
Freja Mo-Rho-Ef-J: K5 elucidarian
Friedrich Shcha-Nnya-Pha-Koppa: K5 router
fullorðnir: adults (Icelandic)
futon: mattress usually placed on the floor (Japanese: 布団)
geen: no (Afrikaans)
geen probleem
: no worries (Afrikaans)
genorep: refer to genorepository
genorepository: genomic data library in the Tens (Southern and Northern)
gestorium: people factory or nursery (pl. gestoria)
ghost, ghoster, ghosting: refer to rehosting
gocco: sikatā-ātamā replication software, commonly used as part of a multitenancy (from print gocco, Japanese: ごっこ), refer to imprint
gōngjī xīpán: cock sucker (Chinese: 公鸡吸盘)
Grace Mu-Tlo-Ue-Jhan: K4 trafficker
Greater Numbers, the: levels Ten through Fifteen
Gregory Nine-Fi-Jia-Oo: K5 router
Grusha Mo-N-Mu-Ka: K7 Bodem maintainer (Russian: Груша)
Guðmundur C-Tau-Nnna-Zhe: K6 grass worker (Icelandic)
Haben Lje-Qua-Wynn-Mo: K4 cachier
hadal zone: the deepest region of the ocean lying within oceanic trenches, levels Thirteen through Eighteen
hanbō: half-staff used in martial arts (Japanese: 半棒)
Haziq Lla-Four-Ne-Te: K4 stochastís (Arabic: حَاذِق)
Heikapu Gamma-G-Po-Mo: K7 assize
hila‘a: cloned version of the raja‘a (‘ruse’ or ‘trick’, from ‘hila’, Arabic: حيلة)
hoofoo: human food
: a pledge (Hawaiian)
Hosniya Gim-Ghha-Ll-Mo: K3 engineer
Hossein Di-Hayanna-Sha-Fi: K1 media assistant director (Persian: حسّین)
hugbúnaður: interactive software application (Icelandic)
Humaira De-Ko-Mo-Zayin: K4 stochastís
hypervirus: bioengineered agent targeting immunosecurity structures, capable of operantly reengineering itself, also mutable hypervirus
Hyun-jun Ezh-Wynn-Rr-S: K6 grass worker (Korean: 현준)
Ichirō Yat-Rha-Sigma-Kappa: K4 assize (Japanese: いちろう)
imprint: a member of a group of individuals sharing a single, identical experience; the basis of multitenancies, refer to edition, mediary
Indah: a hugbúnaður, Budi’s personification of the Pallium (‘eternal’ or ‘abiding’, Indonesian)
Inès Psi-Two-Zeta-Dha: K5 elucidarian
Interdiction, the: the inhabited parts of Second
inter-level permit: authority to move people or goods between levels, required to transit between non-adjacent levels
Ivor Tau-Rho-Nnya-Nyo: K4 waiter
Jack Ge-Tau-Two-Bo: K1 media technician
Jared Nine-Sigma-So-Zhe: K4 facilitator
Joaquín Ghha-Qui-Baluda-Tlu: K5 router
Jovana Omega-Beta-Zha-Ge: K5 elucidarian
juncture: a discrete collection of ideas that form a segment of a dream
jaqsı: Good (Kazakh: жаксы)
Kahurangi Da-Rr-Dda-Lla: K3 driver
kanaka iki: little man (Hawaiian)
Kap: refer to Heikapu Gamma-G-Po-Mo
kararehe: animals (Māori)
Kathy: refer to Aikaterine J-Omega-Oo-Beta
Kavya Ngo-Dza-Ta-Thorn: K5 elucidarian
kay: one of Tion’s levels, each a kilometre high
Kermadec: area of the Pretermissions, extending down to K17
kombu: edible kelp (Japanese: 昆布)
: bollocks (‘testicles’, Māori)
kona: woman (pl. konurnar, Icelandic)
konservator: individual charged by the forfeður with a designation for the protection of Tion (pl. konservatorer, ‘conservator’, Danish)
kostym: protective suit (pl. kostymer, Swedish), refer to stövlar
: person using a kostym (pl. kostymän)
kweme: nutritious seeds grown on a vine (‘oysternuts’, Swahili)
Lachlan Jia-Tlo-Ban-Five: K7 Bodem maintainer
Lacuna, the: transport conduits
lalaki: man (Filipino)
late-nonage: second half of childhood
levels: separate tionsphere zones, from One to Eighteen, subdivided into tiers, refer to spheres
leysingja: free person, who has no role within Tion (Icelandic)
Liang Tlo-Tsa-Gamma-Rho: K4 trafficker (Chinese: )
lifer: a person who has used technology to extensively prolong life
Lior Ka-Mo-Visarga-Omicron: K6 grass worker (Hebrew: לִיאוֹר)
Lisboa Pit, the: a gambling club in the Fours
Lockie: refer to Lachlan Jia-Tlo-Ban-Five
Low Numbers, the: levels One through Four
Lucas Visarga-Yo-Tsha-Tshe: K3 waste processor
lýðirnir: people (Icelandic), also fólkið, sálirnar, þjóðirnar
ma hi alllaena
: what the fuck (Arabic: ما هي اللعنة)
maður: man (pl. mennirnir, Icelandic)
magairlí: testicles (Irish)
manngæska: humanity (Icelandic), refer to mannkynið
: humanity (‘mankind’, Icelandic), refer to manngæska
mannvera: human being (Icelandic)
Mariana: Region in the Pretermissions, extending to K18
māsadā-sarīra: body or bodies (‘flesh body’, from ‘māsa dā sarīra’, Punjabi: ਮਾਸ ਦਾ ਸਰੀਰ), refer to sikatā-ātamā, viakatī-pūrā
: sweetheart, term of affection (Swahili)
mediary: an entire sikatā-ātamā suppressing the entire persona of some other person, the process used in caching and rehosting, refer to edition, imprint
megagestoria: factories to mass produce people
Mehdi Gim-Het-Fa-Feh: K7 māsadā-sarīra technician (Persian: مهدی)
mennirnir: refer to maður
merda: shit, bullshit (Catalan, Galacian)
Metztli: K0 unjoined (Japanese: 美智子)
Meyer Eth-Eight-Eight-Iyanna: K1 administrator
mid-nonage: eighth birthday
miðaldra-fólkið: mid-life people (‘middle-aged people’, Icelandic)
miðaldra-kona: mid-life woman (pl. miðaldra-konurnar, ‘middle-aged woman’, Icelandic)
miðaldra-maður: mid-life man (pl. miðaldra-mennirnir, ‘middle-aged man’, Icelandic)
Mike Dla-Dda-Lamda-Phi: K1 cicerone
Milagrosa Ya-V-Tje-Three: K6 grass worker
Miyu Che-Zeta-Phi-Ezh: K5 elucidarian (Japanese: 美結)
MoA: minute of arc
moji: characters from left-to-right and right-to-left scripts used in TUIDs and other tagging (‘character’, Japanese: 文字)
Moshe Nnna-Schwa-Sharp-Pha: K5 elucidarian (Hebrew: מֹשֶׁה)
mpenzi: sweetheart, term of affection (Swahili)
multitenancy: single experience shared by multiple users, facilitated through sikatā-ātamā replication software, refer to gocco, imprint
mux: combination of multiple sources into a single data stream (multiplexor)
mvulana mzuri: sweet (or good) boy (Swahili)
Myron Qui-Lv-Damaru-Zhe: K5 router
náungi: fellow (Icelandic)
ndiyo: yes (Swahili)
nenos musculares: muscle boys (Galacian)
Nergüi Ngo-Five-Gamma-Yayanna: K4 assize (Mongolian: Нэргуй)
newed: reached adulthood, fifteen years from conception
Nihilities, the: levels beyond the Pretermissions
Nikora Vayanna-Yayanna-Vayanna-Cheh: K7 Bodem maintainer
Nitin Da-Ezh-Alpha-Kssa: K5 router (Sanskrit: नितिन)
Noemí Na-Oo-Do-Ge: K6 grass worker
nonage: childhood, up to majority at fifteen
Nürasyl: K0 unjoined (Kazakh: Нурасыл)
nŭrén: woman (Chinese: 女人)
: new senior person (Icelandic)
: new people (Icelandic)
ný-kona: new woman (pl. ný-konurnar, Icelandic)
: newcomer (pl, nýliðar, Icelandic)
ný-maður: new man (pl. ný-mennirnir, Icelandic)
Odyssée: a video programme
offliner: individual who practices disconnection by choice, not unjoined by necessity
Oliver Feh-Tlo-Epsilon-Eight: K4 artisan
oneironaut: dream auditor (from oneirologist)
opinn-fólkið: people who live on the open surface of Tion (‘open to people’, Icelandic), refer to Zeroer
Oriol D-Digamma-Rayanna-Mu: K4 porter
Oskar Theta-Tau-Phar-Lv: K1 assistant cicerone
outrightsider: quadruple rightsider (‘outright rightsider’)
pacharán: liqueur made from sloe berries (Spanish)
Pallial Decline, the: reduction in global processing services, refer to the Fall
Pallium, the: global processing service
Paul Iyanna-Keheh-Ta-Tsadi: K9 verderer
Pazel Sad-Tet-Ain-Resh: K7 industrialist
pe-to-pe: refer to point-to-point
perd skit: horse shit (Afrikaans)
permit: refer to inter-level permit
persónan: person (Icelandic), also aðili, alþýða, einstaklingur
Petrişor Visarga-Ya-Eight-Shin: K3 industrialist
piča: cunt (Czech)
podatram: land vehicle
point-to-point: quantum transportation of people or goods
pointport: point-to-point station with one or more terminals
politique: policy or politics (French)
: beautiful (Afrikaans)
pravda: justice (Bosnian)
pre-Forming: before the building of Tion commenced
Pretermissions, the: levels Sixteen through Eighteen
progenitor: base of a sikatā-ātamā, created at conception, may be used for identification purposes
Punim Iota-Gamma-Tav-To: K8 sex worker
puta: bitch (Catalan)
Puysegur: area in the Fourteens (formerly a trench in the Tasman Sea, situated between Australia and New Zealand)
Qióng Yayanna-Mo-Tlu-Pha: K6 stochastís
qu: quantum (prefix)
quibebe: Brazilian squash soup
Quín: refer to Joaquín Ghha-Qui-Baluda-Tlu
Rabindra Schwa-Rha-Ta-Te: K8 regenerator
raja‘a: bioapp that restores an individual to a former state (‘retrace’ or ‘return’, from ‘rajea’, Arabic: رجعة), refer to tabi‘a
rajul dahkm
: massive man (Arabic: رجل ضخم)
rehosting: overlaying a sikatā-ātamā on an alternate māsadā-sarīra; a mediary, refer to ghosting
recast: genetic update to māsadā-sarīra
Reihaneh Gamma-Oo-Ghha-Thorn: K1 cultivator
rightsider: person with a TUID containing right-to-left mojis
Riley Khar-Lla-El-Wo: K6 grass worker
Riley Sampi-Llla-Po-Da: K6 grass worker
Ruby S-Zeta-Iota-Omega: K1 makeup artist
Saburo No-To-S-Bāo: K4 porter (Japanese: 三郎)
Salik Dzhe-Nje-Kappa-Damaru: K7 purification plant worker
sálirnar: people (Icelandic), also fólkið, lýðirnir, þjóðirnar
: community (pl. samfélögin, Icelandic)
sato: rice wine (Thai: สาโท)
Sawyer Jeem-Psi-J-Rha: K1 assize
shĭ: shit (Chinese: )
Shu-fen Ma-Eight-Po-Na: K4 stochastís (Taiwanese: 淑芬)
shuō dé kuài: speak quickly (Chinese: 说得快)
şığıp keteyik: Let’s go (Kazakh: шыгып кетейік)
sikatā-ātamā: mind or minds (‘psyche spirit’, from ‘mānasikatā ātamā’, Punjabi: ਮਾਨਸਿਕਤਾ ਆਤਮਾ), refer to māsadā-sarīra, viakatī-pūrā
Smiž, the: short message service; local or remote radio connectivity (‘wireless’, from ‘simsiz’, Uzbek)
sitting: interface between the Pallium and assize community, refer to Definitive Sitting
SoA: second of arc
Sodality: online consensus or community
Sophie Sampi-Lv-Ta-Xi: K7 sysadmin
spheres: refer to levels
spider: fixing machine, a robot or vélmenni
splice: refer to coextension
splicer: coextension practitioner
spokes: inter-level Lacuna structure
Stathis: refer to Efstathios Resh-Bo-Psi-Delta
Stater (₴): unit of cryptocurrency (‘weight’, Ancient Greek: στατήρ)
stochastís: data capitalist (pl. stochastés, ‘thinker’, Greek: στοχαστής)
stövlar: protective footwear (Swedish), refer to kostym
stúlka: girl (Icelandic), also tánin-kona
tā mā de nĭ
: Fuck you (Chinese: 他媽的你)
tabi‘a: version of the raja‘a that does not reset an individual (‘succeed’ or ‘follow’, from ‘tabie’, Arabic: تابع)
Tabitha: refer to Tingting Kaf-Ayin-Beh-Keheh
tamaiti: child (Māori)
Tāne Six-Kha-Omicron-V: K8 regenerator
táningar: adolescent (pl. táningur, ‘teenager’, Icelandic)
tánin-fólkið: younger people (Icelandic)
tánin-kona: younger woman (Icelandic), also stúlka
: younger man (pl. tánin-mennirnir, Icelandic), also drengar
tier: discrete floors within a level, easy to move between
Teva Ban-Tau-W-Schwa: K0 comms operator
Thibaut Kssa-Seven-Jia-Zeta: K4 assize
thráfstis: encryption hacker (‘breaker’, Greek: θραύστης)
threader: threading practitioner
threading: surgically attaching two or more people together (conjoining)
three-to-one: enforced caching submitted by three people for matched staters
TUID: Tion unique identifier, comprising a names and four mojis
Tingting Kaf-Ayin-Beh-Keheh: K7 sysadmin (Chinese: 婷婷)
toku hoa: my friend (Māori)
tömsög: testicles (Mongolian: томсог)
topsky: the uppermost tier in a level
Toshi Dzhe-Mo-Cheh-Qua: K1 publicist (Japanese: トシ)
trips: people with three right-to-left mojis in their TUID
Tyler Pha-Pha-Gim-Lla: K7 Bodem maintainer
Ulyana Shcha-Omega-Nje-Khar: K5 oneironaut
ungbarn: infant (pl. ungbörnir, ‘baby’, Icelandic)
cab: one-man transport
unjoined: someone does not have a Pallial connection
unko: shit (Japanese: うんこ)
uprisers: people who force their way up through the levels without authorisation
uprising: mass migration of people to higher levels, including the mobbing of the Interdiction following Odyssée and the subsequent exodus to Zero
Uthman Ini-Upsilon-Dzhe-Pi: K6 stochastís
: stranger (pl. útlendingar, ‘foreigner’, Icelandic)
Uxío Tse-Jia-Nnna-Kssa: K8 datrix technician
valse huise: false houses (Afrikaans)
Vasco Di-To-Jeem-Fi: K5 oneironaut
ve: virtual (prefix) 
vél: machine (pl. vélarnar, Icelandic)
vélmenni: robot, or artificial epitome (pl. vélmennir, Icelandic)
verderer: officer charged with protecting Bagāla
: entire being, the sum of sikatā-ātamā and māsadā-sarīra (from ‘person full’, Punjabi: ਪੂਰੇ ਵਿਅਕਤੀ)
Victoria Qua-Za-Jia-Ya: K8 courier
Vihaan Nje-Ka-Jia-Qui: K7 Bodem maintainer (Sanskrit: विहान)
Vínculo: isolation area in K4 (‘bond’, Galacian)
visionär: visionary (pl. visionäre, German)
Votaries of Quín: community of zealots
voucher: refer to caching voucher
Walloppong Iota-Ta-Yayanna-Chin: K8 regenerator (Thai: แสดงกระทู้)
wapenzi: darlings, term of affection (Swahili)
warrant: refer to caching warrant
Wayland Wo-Sha-Tsv-Schwa: K3 assize
wiederholt: second chance, repeat life (‘retry’, German)
Wiesław Tshe-Ge-Zha-Jia: K0 engineer
wit fokker: white fucker (Afrikaans)
Xin-yi Nn-Fi-Omicron-Psi: K8 demarcator (Chinese: 心怡)
Yash Wo-Khar-Jia-Tsv: K4 porter
Yasuo Zha-Rha-Zeta-Ban: K4 porter (Japanese: やすお)
Yo: refer to Lucas Visarga-Yo-Tsha-Tshe
Youssef Damaru-Da-Te-Epsilon: K8 regenerator (Arabic: يوسف)
yuddh: war (Hindi: युद्ध)
Yuuto Zhar-No-Wo-Epsilon: K4 cachier
Zara Ne-Zayin-Ngo-Lamda: K4 stochastís
Zejneb Jia-Delta-Nu-Feh: K6 stochastís (Arabic: زينب)
Zero: the external surface of Tion
Zeroers: people who live on the open surface of Tion, refer to opinn-fólkið
Zoe Mu-Qua-So-Beta: K3 life stylist
þjóðirnar: people (Icelandic), also fólkið, lýðirnir, sálirnar

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