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<i>Demiurge:</i>  <i>Xin-yi’s</i>  <i>Next Chapter</i>
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Demiurge: Xin-yi’s Next Chapter

Xin-yi’s story continues as a Reflection in Demiurge, which will be available in early 2022.

Xin-yi thought her work for Michelle Takahashi was done, but again, it is the Year of the Rat, a few decades after the world was Formed. This Reflection follows Xin-yi’s latest task, centuries before the events in Tionsphere and The Uprisers.

Demiurge charts the Uprising to the surface of Tion and the rise of two conflicting proto-religions. Heikapu joins Thibaut’s ex-assizes and waits for Kathy to up-level her Ekatommýrio, born in the gestorium purchased in the Sixes. How will Xin-yi respond to the devastation of a second flood?
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