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<i>What Happend To Neil Frost?</i>  <i>by E.R. Wills</i>
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What Happend To Neil Frost? by E.R. Wills

E.R. Wills discusses her novel ‘What Happened To Neil Frost'

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Neil Frost is down on his luck. His family are estranged and middle age has left him penniless and depressed. Alcohol is his only release. Then an ordinary trip home from the pub one night becomes extraordinary, thanks to a chance meeting with extra-terrestrials. Life was about to become a lot more interesting. And his wallet was going to get fatter, thanks to the media.

Bereavement is a funny thing. That’s when the idea for the book struck me. Feeling low due to the loss of a family member one day left me fed up and lethargic. An idea came to mind to write a book. The main character would be an older man whose indifference to life would be changed thanks to an encounter with aliens.

If you were to meet Neil, don’t expect a smile. In fact, don’t expect a warm welcome at the best of times. Life has moulded him into a glass half empty kind of person. With middle age spread and an unkempt appearance, chain smoking Neil is the ultimate slob, with housekeeping skills to match. His heart is in the right place however, it’s just a little buried under the litter and cigarette ash.

What Happened To Neil Frost? was only ever meant to be a short story. It is about human nature and modern life. It’s also the perfect excuse for me to have a dig at mainstream media, which is my pet hate!
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