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<i>Ringer</i>  <i>by D.T. Wilby</i>
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Ringer by D.T. Wilby

D.T. Wilby discusses his novel ‘Ringer'

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Set in the near future, ‘Ringer’ follows Will Wilson, a man given a second chance in life after purchasing lab grown replacement organs from a Bio-Tech multinational. No longer confined to his sickbed, on the surface it seems as though things couldn’t be going much better for Will, but he just can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t quite right. That something is out there, watching him.

Plagued by night terrors, is Will losing his grip on reality? Or is there really something very sinister going on at New Horizons Bio-Tech?

I find that a lot of the stuff that I write is social, more ‘kitchen sink’ style sci-fi. It’s not about the end of the world, but it might be about the end of someone’s world. What I like to try and explore is how technology may impact on us as individuals, both positively and negatively. What situations it will put us all in.

The concept of sleep paralysis/night terrors was something that I’ve never experienced personally, so it was interesting to explore that in this book. I also wanted to look deeper into the sense of individualism and self and how that will stand up to the technology coming down the tracks, how it could undermine someone mentally to have that sense of uniqueness chipped away at gradually. To see how an individual might unravel under that pressure.
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