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<i>Behind Blue Eyes</i> <i>by Anna Mocikat</i>
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Behind Blue Eyes by Anna Mocikat

Anna Mocikat discusses her series ‘Behind Blue Eyes'

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In a future world ruled by warring mega-corporations, cyborg Nephilim believed she was fighting a righteous cause.

As a powerful, genetically and cybernetically enhanced elite soldier her brutal and violent life is not truly her own – until one day, a simple glitch separates her from the grid.

For the first time in her life, she is free… and she has doubts. Doubts that bury deeper into her psyche when she meets Jake, a mysterious, 100% bio-human.

He opens her neon-blue eyes to the lies she had been exposed to all her life. Questioning everything she has ever known, Nephilim resolves to take a stand. To hold on to this freedom, she has miraculously discovered. But can one person, no matter how strong, beat an all-powerful system of oppression? Soon, Nephilim finds herself hunted by her own people in a deadly game of survival…

For fans of ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Ghost in the Shell’ and ‘Altered Carbon’!

I was always fascinated by cyberpunk and ‘Ghost in the Shell’ in particular since I saw the movie for the first time in the late 90’s. Ever since I wanted to create my own cyberpunk universe inspired by GitS and with the ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ series, I finally made this wish a reality.

Contrary to Major Motoko in GitS, my heroine Nephilim isn’t just a brain in a robot body, she’s 60% machine and 40% human. And she’s not part of the good guys, she’s a killer cyborg, designed to search and destroy the enemies of Olympias, “the perfect society.”

Transhumanism is a very important aspect of the book with the question what makes us truly human, but it’s also a dystopia, action-driven and sexy.

I wanted to combine philosophical questions about what it means to be human with cinematic, adrenaline-infused action – and sex. Cyberpunk doesn’t only need to be dark, rainy and gritty; it can also be pretty sexy.
For more details about books by Anna Mocikat, visit or follow @anna_mocikat on Twitter.
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