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<i>The Green Girl and The Serum</i>  <i>by S.T.L. Armstrong</i>
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The Green Girl and The Serum by S.T.L. Armstrong

S.T.L. Armstrong discusses his novel ‘The Green Girl and The Serum’

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Hello, my name is Sean Armstrong. I am the author of the Green Girl and the Serum series, a six-part series of Young Adult Science fiction superhero books, which I first started writing in 2019. During that time, I was out of work and also recently broke up with a then ex-girlfriend of three years. So, to distract and challenge myself, I began working on my first two books, which each took six months to complete. I have always loved science fiction stories, and there were a number of things which inspired me to write this. One of these was the film ‘Unbreakable’ which tells the story of David Dunn, a security guard who is the only survivor of a train accident and later finds out that he has special gifts. Another inspiration for me was the game series ‘Metal Gear Solid’ due to its cast of interesting characters and plot twists at the end.

An interesting fact for those who don’t know me is that I based my main character Stacey Roberts on an ex-girlfriend who also shared her name. One night I went back to her flat in a town near where I lived only to find that she had surprised me: she had completely painted herself green! That is when I gathered that she wasn’t comfortable in her own skin. By doing this, she inspired me to create my main character after her.

The Stacey in my book is confident in herself and her own abilities. This is due to her appearance once she had been injected with the serum—before, she was a social outcast having very few friends due to her geeky appearance and nature. Later in the first book, she is torn between her humanity and her Mega Human side. This is because she discovered her father was the serum’s creator. For me, Stacey was one of the most human of all my characters.

The first book in the series, ‘The Green Girl and the Serum’, focuses on the main character, the Green Girl herself, Stacey Roberts, who was once a young woman living in Manchester with her mother. Unknown to her, she volunteered to be injected with a serum by the British Government, which transformed her into a green-skinned superheroine. Living life on the run, she met up with her boyfriend, Ben Fox. He has also been injected with the serum and become the leader of the Mega Human faction known as Haven. Together, Ben, Stacey and their forces defeat the military. However, a new deadly threat lurks in the shadows taking the form of Surge, a figure from Ben’s past and the leader of another Mega Human faction known as the Outcasts, bent on controlling the world’s population by turning all humans into Mega Humans. Does Stacey have what it takes to defeat this threat and what is the connection between her father and the origin of the serum? Unknown also to Stacey, she not only has to fight a war between Haven and their Outcasts but a battle between herself fighting for her lost humanity. What will happen? Find out in the first ‘Green Girl’ book.
For more details about books by S.T.L. Armstrong, follow @SeanArmstrong85 on Twitter.
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