J.C. Gemmell

I think someone switched our assignments. They’ve given me a cooling failure to work through. I hate being an engineer. There are only so many times I can ask why.
Jovana Omega-Beta-Zha-Ge
... we will be more conspicuous, and although life will appear more comfortable, it will no longer be as simple.
Caitlyn Dzhe-Ta-Tse-Tsha
We are outside. Jump up and kiss the sky if you want. For most people, there’s nothing else. Just a compact living cube with at least three friends. Very cosy.
Victoria Qua-Za-Jia-Ya
I want someone outside to be keeping an eye on us, that’s all.
Jovana Omega-Beta-Zha-Ge
For as long as I remember we’ve been getting ready for today. Everything we’ve done.
Danesh Ne-Baluda-Va-Wa
It must have been an incredible time when the forfeður were constructing the world. I wish I could have been part of that and had the opportunity to build something magnificent.
Joaquín Ghha-Qui-Baluda-Tlu

The Visionary

J.C. Gemmell’s new story is available free from online book stores.

At the beginning of February 2060, Mount Erebus erupted, the first of a chain of Antarctic volcanoes that forever changed Earth’s future. Within days, sea levels began to rise, until sixty metres of water claimed coastlines worldwide.

Twelve-year-old Xin-yi and her mother fled their home, surviving amongst a community of rice farmers. A year later, a chance conversation with international census officials prepared her for a new life.

Now fourteen, Xin-yi commences her training as a visionary. It is her task to imagine a new Earth, rising above the drowning waters. Thousands of young people strive to design a world in which the displaced millions can live, and engineer a solution that will take a millennium to populate.

But Xin-yi’s challenges are more personal: coming to terms with the loss of her brother and unexpected feelings toward a friend. She has to choose between working to benefit humanity and her internal conflict with love.

Set over three decades after the 2060 flood, The Visionary combines dystopian, future and science fiction, and introduces the J.C. Gemmell’s Tion series.

Please enjoy the first full chapter of The Visionary, which is available free from online book stores.

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